• Image of original razor print, 2001
  • Image of original razor print, 2001
  • Image of original razor print, 2001

original razor print
29" x 35"
acrylic on brown craft
numbered edition of 50

the first of the larger-format screen prints ever produced, and the impetus for the transition from stickers to wheat-pasting. with no test prints (and no concept at the time of APs) these razors were printed on roughly measured, hand cut craft paper around 29" high by 35" wide with hand-painted backgrounds. 2001 gave no foresight into exactly how far this would go, leaving this original run to be a hand numbered edition of 50 total pieces (later, as the years passed, reaching into the thousands in non-numbered newsprint variants for more street appropriate application). fifteen years later, with the rest of this original edition lost to the streets and time, the final 5 from the artist's personal portfolio are being made available to the public.

per the original intent and process, each piece varies slightly in size as well as ink deposit. prints ship priority rate in the US, wrapped in paper and rolled in heavy cardboard mailing tubes.

$200 ea

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